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Branding / Visual Identity for AmsterJam, a music and arts festival held every summer at Vondelpark in Central Amsterdam. Performances include but are not limited to alternative rock, hip-hop, rap, punk rock, and electronic music. Newly-commissioned, immersive art and design installations and returning favorites make the festival come to life.

Mission Statement / Values: Since 1997, AmsterJam has worked to create a festival and culture that is safe, inclusive, and fun for all. Featuring 50+ diverse vendors, as well as immersive art and design installations, the festival works to support local artists and businesses while promoting the Amsterdam arts and food communities as a whole. We maintain a commitment to providing new and useful amenities, and working with the city's best local vendors each year. 

mockup5_Stationary System.jpg

Client: Undergrad Work
Skills: Branding & Visual Identity, Typography, Digital Illustration
Year: 2020

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mockup2_Business Card 2.jpg
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